Caro Windlin

Financing & People

Psychology and Management, 10+ yrs BASF, HR management and start up building

New work is 90 % mindset and only 10 % tools. 
I believe that people want to show their full potential and need space to do that. Space is more than just a room with desks & chairs, but the freedom to choose where and how to work & with whom to connect and interact.
1000 Satellites allows me to provide this space to others and enable them to show their full potential and support each other o grow and perform.
This principle is also the fundament of our own company as 1000 Satellites.

Gregory von Abendroth

Gregory von Abendroth

Operations & Strategy

By heart a microbiologist, my perspective has grown throughout my different jobs at BASF. 

I have experienced commuting and remote work long enough to know that it is time to improve this situation for employees. 1000 Satellites allows me for applying such a solution and at the same time implement many of my values, such as my strong drive for sustainbility.

Markus Hummelsberger

Markus Hummelsberger 

Marketing & Sales

Business, 14+ yrs BASF marketing, sales, business and 
previous startup experience (Succinity GmbH)

I am driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
I believe that, in the dynamic environment that we live in, you need a different environment for people and organisations. I want to help people to become happier and organisations to become more successful by creating a workplace that matters.

Thomas Glatte

Thomas Glatte


Civil Engineer
25+ years experience

As a corporate real estate manager I know that attractive workplaces are a key element for employee satisfaction and productivity. 1000 Satellites brings now an outstanding work environment close to the office worker’s doorstep. I am absolutely excited to be a part of this journey.

Community Managers

Tina Simson

Satellite Taylor

Experience as event manager, staff member in upscale hotels in our region as well as self-employed in trade fair, business and event catering. 

"I am looking forward to be part of a motivated team within this new project right from the beginning and to see our community growing”

Nicolai Baier

Satellite Taylor

Business Psychologist, experience as Senior Resource & Contracting Manager in IT- and business consulting, as Coach and Technical Product Designer.

„Organising is one of my big passions and usually I'm 

calm and serene by nature and remain unperturbed even in extreme situations."

Interns & students

Sefkan Egdemir

Intern at 1000 Satellites

As an industrial engineering student, I am passionate about improving my surroundings and myself. I love to push ahead creative concepts and work in new environments.

Wei-Shun Shing

Intern at 1000 Satellites

As an business administration student, it is always a great thing for me to contribute my knowledge to make the life better.  Thanks to 1000 Satellites, I get the chance to help people reduce commuting and make more people know about NEW WORK.