Satellit Taylor 

Room Concept

Learn more on how Satellite Taylor is set up.

You enter the coworking satellite through the red dots.

The southern part of the space will be operational from June 2020 on. It consists of a spacious open office with hight adjustable tables and screens. Several carefully designed think tanks, office, phone and video boxes, will allow you to break out into confidential zones for short work periods, before gathering again in the open office at your individual desk. A work and create room and a shared team office, will allow for a different atmosphere and team work. A small meeting room hosts up to 6 people on a round table. The urban garden allows for in door recreation and is close to the coffee board. The innovation space concludes the first part of our coworking space and harbours up to 16 people in a community style work atmosphere and allows for innovative workshops. It has it's own tea kitchen.

The northern part of the coworkng space will open in July 2020 and provide additional meeting space and community area.

The third part to the upper left will provide additional open offices, team offices and meeting rooms from fall 2020 on.