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Neustadt an der Weinstraße

1000 Satellites has inaugurated a pilot coworking space in Neustadt in July 2020, which will start operations as of August 3rd in Le Quartier Hornbach 17A.

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Follow the Progress in Preparation of our 2nd Satellite

Kick-off Coworking Community in NW

On November 27th 2019 we kicked-off the Coworking community for Neustadt and planned together the build up of this community until the first space will be opened in 2020. 25 participants ignited this development with many good ideas on how to grow the coworking community in NW.

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Pop-up Coworking in Neustadt

On November 28th 2019 a dozen of interested coworkers from various employed and freelance backgrounds came together inside the beautiful Zwockelsbrück & demonstrated how coworking can work very well also in decentral commuter cities.

1000 Satellites provided the location, WLAN and some drinks. Everybody else brought their laptop and their own work. And here we go: Lots of serendipity moments. This is called 'Pop-up Coworking'.

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Negotiating with the City of Neustadt

March 2020: Currently, we can see a large satellite of 800-1000m² size in two locations in Neustadt - the old Post or the Hornbach Quartier.

For the realization of such a large project, we will need the backing of the city, which we are currently negotiating.

June 18th 2020: The Innercity Councel (Innenstadtbeirat) of Neustadt gave its consent to support the plans of 1000 Satellites in Neustadt.
Next we will align with the WEG and City Council.

Pilot Satellite Space inaugurated in July 2020

In the meantime, we decided to start our coworking experience in Neustadt with simply opening a satellite pilot space already in July 2020.

Fur this purpose, we have taken over a beautiful room of 140m² size in the Hornbach Quartier and equipped it together with Kahl GmbH.

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