New Pricing from December 2019 on

Dear Coworkers of BASF,


we are happy that many of you already made use of the new coworking space at BASF during October and November! Your positive feedback made us extend the space for you already. 

New Prices from December 2019 on…

In December we will activate the BASF internal booking system via cost center, because we will soon need to pay BASF internal rent ourselves for the rooms of the coworking space. Please find an overview on the prices attached to the German newsletter. You will now be able to book also 2-hour, half-day and day-passes.

Booking of your desk in the coworking space occurs in advance or spontanuosly upon your arrival as long as desks are available. If you have problems to get a cost center approved for working in our space, please reach out to us at so we can find a solution.

New BASF-internal Community Tool …

We have installed a BASF-internal community tool using Microsoft Team. You can sign up following this link. At this platform you can connect and ecchange among fellow BASF coworkers and involve into activities, such as meet ups in our space. A first Christmas meet up will be planned in December - stay tuned. 

Make use of the upcoming and last week at no cost to use the coworking pilot of BASF for getting to know it in case you haven't! We are looking to many happy coworking hours with you in our space close to the BASF site in Ludwigshafen.

Best wishes from your 1000 Satellites community managers team:
Ahmad, Caro, Gregory, Hengfei, Markus, und Rebecca


Co-Founder Gregory von Abendroth

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