Upcoming Events

Virtual Coworking Week

March 18 - 25, 2020
Join the experience exchange on remote work following this link.

Virtuelle Baustellen Party

March 19th 2020
We will give you a virtual tour through the construction site of our first satellite coworking space in Mannheim-Vogelstang, which we are planning to open in May 2020.

1000 Satellites Latest News

23.11.2019 - Existenz Gründungstag Rhein-Neckar

1000 Satellites rocked the 
Existenz Gründungstag Rhein-Neckar in Speyer!

13.11.2019 - Coworking Europe 2019 Warsaw

1000 Satellites went to Warsaw to connect to coworking experts from all over the world. The experience helped a lot to push our concept of decentral coworking at 1000 Satellites forward.

29.10.2019 - Demoday

On the Demoday organized by Chemovator, 1000 Satellites made the pitch and built the contact with potential investors.

1000 Satellites Latest News

30.9.2019 - Opening of Pilot Coworking Space at BASF

Our pilot coworking space in Ludwigshafen, allows BASF employees to experience coworking from October 2019 on, and us to learn operations.

10.9.2019 - Second Meetup in Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar

25 people gathered in the Chemovator in Mannheim to kick off community build up for our first two planned satellite coworking spaces in Mannheim-Vogelstang and Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

12.7.2019 - 'End of Validation' Pitch in the Chemovator successfully passed!

A lot of learnings during validation phase (May-July 2019) for the 1000 Satellites team inside Chemovator GmbH.